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I am a 21 Year old Fashion Design Student studying at the university of Leeds, UK. Fashion is something I am really passionate about as a lot of people already know. I love to travel the world and learn and experience different cultures. Photography and architecture inspire me massively. Music and dance are also something i love. As well as studying Fashion I have also learnt basic mandarin. At the moment and learning French as part of my course. I have recently been studying in China for a month after been successful in a study programme which was the most amazing experience.

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Thursday, 19 November 2009

Study China Programme Summer 2009

I was successful when applying to the Study China Programme in August 2009. I went to a town in the Shandong Province called Jinan which is unheard of to most people. The town is quite well built but is a poorer part of China.

I stayed in Jinan for a month, living in the student halls of Shandong university. I attended lectures which taught us about the culture and economy of China. We also had to learn mandarin whilst in Jinan and had 3 hour lessons every morning.

We had to the live the culture and lifestyle of Chinese students. This meant eating Chinese food for all three meals of the day.... and with chopsticks, not a knife and folk in sight!!
We we given Chinese buddies and families to go visit so that we could get a full insight in to their lifestyles and so they could show us around.

The people of China were really taken to us. We lived a bit like celebrities for a month with our photos constantly been taken and also been stared at. I even appeared on a poster for a nightclub advertising their night.

I had a really amazing experience in Jinan and finished my journey visiting Beijing. I sucessfully graduated from the programme and have memories that will stay with me for a lifetime.


  1. Good pictures! can you still speak any Mandarin? I can't anymore.

  2. Great blog, China looked like a great experience!

  3. china looks amazing ! did you get any inspiration for future designs or fashion plans ?