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I am a 21 Year old Fashion Design Student studying at the university of Leeds, UK. Fashion is something I am really passionate about as a lot of people already know. I love to travel the world and learn and experience different cultures. Photography and architecture inspire me massively. Music and dance are also something i love. As well as studying Fashion I have also learnt basic mandarin. At the moment and learning French as part of my course. I have recently been studying in China for a month after been successful in a study programme which was the most amazing experience.

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Thursday, 26 November 2009

Garment Technology

Fitted Bodice

Raglan Sleeve Jacket


Pattern Cutting

Cutting the fabric from the pattern

Rever Collar


  1. How impressive Lisa!!
    They just look like something Topshop would have on their rails! I love all the pieces above but my favourite has to be the grey waistcoat closely followed by the jacket! Can i place my pre-order now and be the first to wear and buy your gorgeous work! Well done lady!
    Love you xxx

  2. Hi Lisa
    your designs are really transforming before are very eyes, I love the simply but very elegant coral blue bodis, i quite fancy something like this myself, as joanna has said, can I place my orders now : )
    I will be tracking your designs, im allways looking for something different, and from looking at your designs and illustrations thats what you represent; individuality !

  3. Thank you for your comments. These garements are sampling styles so are not ones i have designed myself. I will keep posting designs online and will start making my own clothes over Christmas so keep checking out the blog.

  4. hey lisa, i look forward to seeing your own designs so that i can put in my order to have my own unique outfit from yourself, the techniques on your samples are good and these are styles i would wear myself, so keep up the good work! Dont forget to keep me posted, i do not want to miss out! X